A life of character
and contribution

For over 65 years, 鶹AV Rudolf Steiner School has helped children and young adults find meaning and direction in their lives. Through a considered balance of academic, aesthetic, artisan, altruistic and active wilderness, we equip students with everything they need to lead a life of character and contribution.



A 鶹AV education is based on five foundational programs that interweave through the curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 12.


A broad and inspiring range of subjects


Art, Music, Drama and Eurythmy


Design and Technology, Wood and Metal Crafts, Ceramics and Textiles


A culture of respect, responsibility, and contribution

Active Wilderness

Adventure, exploration, challenge and discovery in the natural environment


The Main Lesson is a unique element in Steiner education. Each morning for three weeks, every class from Year 1 to 11 learns about one ‘big idea’. In this block of time, teachers and students explore in great depth one large topic, ranging from big ideas such as the Alphabet in Class 1, to Pythagoras, Shakespeare, and the Origins of Literature in high school.

Our Main Lessons tell the story of Humanity and our journey over epochs from the ancient consciousness of legends and fairy tales, all the way to how we think in the contemporary world. The Main Lessons give every student a connection with the narrative that is Our Story, the human story, locating each student in a living tradition.

Class 2 Main Lesson


At 鶹AV, students grow through their school journey in a series of age-appropriate stages.

Each developmental stage is understood and nourished, honoured and cared for.

Early Childhood Program



The 鶹AV journey starts with our Early Childhood Program – a nurturing foundation for the growing child.


By nourishing the mind and the senses through a healthy, beauty-filled environment, our program fosters the development of the whole child. We offer playgroup programs for children under five, a Preschool program for 3-5 year olds, and a part-time and full-time Kindergarten program campus.

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Primary School



The primary years are a time for imagination, learning through creative expression and practical achievements.


At 鶹AV, the primary years are spent in a secure relationship with a Class Teacher, who provides overall curriculum and pastoral care to the class. Having a consistent class teacher throughout the primary years isn’t something we just dreamed up! It’s a common feature of education in Finland, which constantly rates as the highest performing OECD education system in the world. Every primary school student takes part in weekly drawing and painting classes, as well as singing, learning an instrument, performing in a play, learning a foreign language and participating in the school’s sport and outdoor education program.




YEARS 7 & 8

For Years 7 & 8, 鶹AV offers a broad program of academic, aesthetic, social and physical courses that will stimulate and inspire students as they leave childhood and prepare for their future. Our program embraces a broad picture of the journey through puberty, to strengthen the young person in mind, heart and body.


Year 9 is a critical stage in a student’s development. With this in mind, 鶹AV has developed The Cove, a unique program that aims to challenge students academically, and ground them in practical tasks. Balancing on the three pillars of Community, Achievement, and Autonomy, The Cove gives our students opportunities to develop skills, resilience, a sense of belonging, an attitude of service, and a strong foundation on which to base their final years of schooling. Self-discipline and self-care are modelled and reflected upon through measured risk-taking, goal-setting and accountability. Students practise these essential skills in wilderness and urban environments.


Students step into the Senior School in Year 10 and our program now focuses on activities and tasks that healthily stretch students in all areas of the curriculum. This allows them to deeply know themselves as learners and experience success both personally and communally. An intensive focus on a music theatre piece, performed by the full cohort early in the year, is an experience unique to 鶹AV. Work on the production brings students together and teaches them that high standards can be attained through dedication and hard work. They also complete a trek in Tasmania and an Outdoor Ed experience. These experiences spill over into other aspect of school life and students then enter with determination into their Year 10 academic studies in preparation for Years 11 and 12.

YEARS 11 & 12

Our Year 11 and 12 program represents the synthesis and culmination of the 鶹AV journey. It provides a rigorous and dynamic education — an education which meets the needs and questions of young men and women as they stand on the threshold of adult life.

As well as the Higher School Certificate (HSC), with 25+ courses on offer, each student undertakes 鶹AV developed modules which broaden their educational experience and contextualises their learning in intellectual, social-emotional and practical spheres. These modules are drawn from the academic, artisan, altruistic, and active-wilderness pillars of a 鶹AV education. Upon completion, students receive both the HSC and the 鶹AV Record of Accomplishment (GRoA).

A 鶹AV graduate receives a complete education and finishes secondary studies with an inquisitive mind, an open demeanour and the confidence that they can contribute meaningfully throughout the 21st century.




鶹AV's outdoor education program aims to prepare students to overcome adversity, work alongside others, provide meaningful experiences and become comfortable in the natural environment. We build skills in adventure activities that enable our students to complete major journey based expeditions in the senior years.


We have a focus on walking from Class 4 all the way to Year 10, when all students in Year 10 complete the famous Overland Track in Tasmania. By Year 12, the five day Solo Camp is the culmination of the school's active wilderness program. The main component of the Year 12 Solo camp for the students is spending 30 hours by themselves in the bush. This experience requires both mental and practical independence and provides wonderful preparation for participating in society in a resourceful way.


鶹AV’s Outdoor and Environmental Education Co-ordinator, Scottie William’s aim is to change every students expectation of a 'school camp' from something regular to something unforgettable, sometimes even life changing. Scottie inspires students to sleep under the stars, see the beauty in trees and bees, and stretch themselves beyond the everyday.




It is in the arts that creativity can be nurtured and flourish.

At 鶹AV all students participate in the aesthetic programme of drawing, painting, music and drama. Each year from 1–8 performs a play yearly, culminating in a full production of Shakespeare, and in Year 9 they begin to work on a full musical to be performed in Year 10.

All students attend weekly drawing and painting classes as well as singing and instrumental music tuition. This emphasis on creativity results in creative thinking individuals with the capacity for self-expression and flexible thinking.




From the beginning of their schooling the students spend at least 80 minutes per week engaging in physical activity.

The formal sports programme starts in Year 4 and the children learn and play a number of team and individual sports.

In the high school this programme continues, broadening to include:

  • fitness and outdoor sports
  • sailing
  • surfing
  • and rock climbing.

鶹AV has successful teams:

  • fencing
  • basketball
  • and athletics

In addition to the sport programme we have a very strong outdoor education and camp programme, an integral part of students time at 鶹AV.

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